“Oh, what an idiot I am!”
“I’ll never figure this out!”
“I’m constantly messing things up…”

Is this any way to talk to yourself?

Of course not. But most of us “trash” ourselves, at least once in a while.

It’s unhealthy to talk trash about yourself (or anybody else). That negativity tends to close off your body, making you feel tight, closed off, heavy, weighed down, and lethargic. Not exactly the kind of inner sensations that will make you feel sensational.

So how do you turn around the negative self-talk?

In this video, I share five suggestions for transforming that trash talk you do to yourself, so you can loosen up, open up, feel lighter and more energized for action.

It’s Your Turn
How do you turn around the icky mind chatter?

Please share your tips for staying upbeat, below. In addition to reinforcing your own wisdom, you’ll be sparking others to stay in the positive, upbeat zone!

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2 Responses to “Don’t trash yourself!”

Yvonne August 18, 2013

Love this Susan! Great advice :)