Kick-Ass Confidence: Harnessing the Power of Your Personal Preferences

confidence_resizedImagine you see a person who’s confident, whether boldly or quietly, and you say to yourself, “I want that kind of confidence.” If you’re honest with yourself, you really want to embody your own unique version of self-confidence, being true to yourself in a way that’s genuine, like your thumbprint or your signature.

What are you hungry to feel confidence about? Your work? Your relationship with your co-workers? Your ability to speak up for yourself? A project you’re ready to take on?

It’s time for you to embody your own Kick-Ass Confidence! Consciously. Authentically. It’s really about connecting to something you already have: Your personal preferences. What you like. What matters to you. You just need to know how to use this unstoppable rocket fuel to power all that you do.


Teleclass + 2 discounted 1-1 coaching sessions
Use these 2 60-minute sessions anytime between now and November 30, 2011
$97 $447

So, how do you know if you’re cut off from your confidence?

• You get confused about what you want
• You change your mind frequently, leaving yourself and others dizzy
• You constantly ask others for their opinions and advice
• You don’t trust what you think
• You second-guess yourself
• You sensor yourself
• You’re constantly berating yourself, including telling yourself “I should be more” or “I should do more”
• You regularly worry about what to do next

Why might you care about making important choices and changes with Kick-Ass Confidence?

• You want to make good decisions, ones that are aligned with who you are and what you care about
• You have limited time for navel gazing and reflection, so you need simple tools for getting clear quickly and easily
• You’re bombarded by a tsunami of information and opinion every day, and want to successfully chart your way through
• You can get overwhelmed by choices, and you prefer to feel on top of your options
• You want to stop second guessing yourself and establish deep trust in yourself and take inspired action

What is Kick-Ass Confidence?

Kick-Ass Confidence is a strong belief in yourself. It’s knowing that you always give your best to any endeavor. It doesn’t require you to be brash, bold, or inauthentic. Kick-Ass Confidence can be quiet. It can be tearful. It can be angry. It’s real. It allows you be you, 24/7. Kick-Ass Confidence invites you to feel all your feelings, to stay true to yourself, so you can radiate the “I can do it” feeling to yourself, no matter what.

SuperDuperHeroKidYour Kick-Ass Confidence comes from something that’s uniquely yours: Your preferences. The things that have meaning for you. And, ultimately, your preferences give you your power. The power to speak up for yourself in a meeting. The power to tell a co-worker that things need to change. The power to stand up for yourself in a challenging negotiation. The power to pursue your goals.

Hi, it’s Dr. Susan Bernstein, and I’m thrilled to support you in cultivating Kick-Ass Confidence. The perspectives and processes I’ve created for you some from my own experience, plus 10 years of coaching professionals to create work that fits them. I used to be quite wishy-washy, like a little mouse, afraid to speak up for myself and exceedingly unsure of myself. But after learning to literally stand up for myself and internally sense what I felt, which was core to my PhD in Mind/Body Psychology, I discovered the immense wisdom we all hold in our bodies. Yes, even you!

It is my intention to help you integrate your active mind, your wise body, and your soaring spirit, so you can stand in your power, make personally rewarding decisions, and create more of what you want in your work and the rest of your life.

So, are you ready to consciously cultivate your self confidence? Check in your heart. I bet you are. Welcome to the Kick-Ass Confidence program

What do you get in the Kick-Ass Confidence program?

Build confidence about something you truly care about! What matters to you? What area of your life is calling for more confidence? Your work? Your relationship? Your desire to do a special project? Your longing to take a special trip? Throughout the Kick-Ass Confidence program, you’ll focus on that special something, and build confidence for it in your body, mind, and spirit. You’ll feel it, think it, and trust it, more and more, every day, with the special sessions, meditations, resources, and connections to others who are building their confidence. No need to create your special something alone. You’ll have a ton of support!
Join 4 live weekly sessions, by phone, that you can attend from anywhere in the world. Each session combines vital wisdom about building confidence. You’ll be part of a transformative mind/body/spirit group experience that will take you beyond knowing about confidence to actually embodying confidence.
Printed handouts for each session, to help you organize and retain what you learn
A Kick-Ass Confidence private community on Facebook, where you can connect with the other program participants, discuss what you’re learning in the program, and have your questions answered by the program leader, Dr. Susan Bernstein
Weekly written exercises, that are naturally geared to help you build your confidence
Weekly meditations for your MIND, relaxing, transformative recordings that speak to that deep part of you that is ready to kick-ass. You can listen to them over and over again.
Weekly body-centered explorations, unique ways of tapping into the wisdom of your BODY, for supporting you in a change. Think of it like your own customized confidence-building tai chi or yoga practice.
Weekly poems, to inspire and uplift your SPIRIT.
Your “Kick-Ass Confidence Companion.” You have the option of being paired with a buddy in the program. You two  can talk with and support each other in building kick-ass confidence. You don’t have to do this alone!

Ultimately, I want to help as many people as possible to embody Kick-Ass Confidence, so I’ll be turning this experience into a digital program, with an eBook and audio. YOU get to help craft the final product, the Kick-Ass Confidence audio and workbook. So, you’ll ALSO get…
Influence! You have a chance share your feedback and what goes into the final product
A copy of the final product, which you’ll receive by the end of the year; this digital product will include new, audio recordings that incorporate the group’s feedback, an ebook and revised handouts (a $297 value)

Teleclass series

Teleclass + 2 discounted 1-1 coaching sessions
Use these 2 60-minute sessions anytime between now and November 30, 2011
$97 $447

What are the dates & times of the live program?

• 4 Wednesdays from 6-7:15 pm Pacific, 9-10:15 pm Eastern, 11 am – 12:15 pm in Australia:
- October 19
- October 26
- November 2
- November 9
• When you sign up, you’ll receive the all the logistical information, such as the dial in numbers and Facebook page access.

What if you miss a session?

• No worries! All four sessions will be recorded, and you’ll receive the MP3’s of the recordings within 24 hours, so you can listen again anytime. In fact, you may want to put the recordings on your iPod or other device, so you can listen at work, or any time you need a confidence boost.

Here’s what you can expect from the Kick-Ass Confidence program….

• Feel greater confidence (that’s what the whole program is about)
• Feel better about your choices
• Feel happier, more at ease, and more carefree
• Sense what you prefer and pursue your preferences with greater gusto
• Experience a decrease in stress and tension
• Give your mind a break
• Generate ore free time (open up a bunch of time you spend agonizing over what you should say or do)
• Feel so much freer to be and express yourself, fully

Teleclass series

Teleclass + 2 discounted 1-1 coaching sessions
Use these 2 60-minute sessions anytime between now and November 30, 2011
$97 $447

How do you know if you can benefit from the Kick-Ass Confidence program? See if any of these statements is true for you…

• You feel cut off from your preferences, and want to clearly know what you believe and act on your convictions
• You have lots of decisions to make and want to be able to stand behind your decisions with confidence
• You tend to overwhelm yourself with too many choices, and need to express your preferences confidently
• You have perfectionistic tendencies that keep you from making satisfying decisions
• You’re always trying to do good, so you’re afraid of making bad decisions
• You want to be your own expert on yourself and your choices; you might be amused by psychics, but you’re not the type who would seeking them out for major life guidance
• You want to be able to speak up for yourself, confidently and authentically, especially at work

Frequently Asked Questions

I already know what I want, in the world, so why do I need the Kick-Ass Confidence program? Maybe you know what you want, but are you acting on your desires and preferences? If you hold back, hesitate, or procrastinate, this program will build your muscle for expressing what you want with greater confidence. You’ll free up energy and take action.
This program is based on my preferences. What if my preferences are bad for me? That’s a common fear. In the Kick-Ass Confidence program, you’ll discover how worry drains your energy. You’ll also learn how to literally “get behind” your decisions with the power of your body, so that you can let your mind relax.
What if other people say bad stuff or judge me poorly for my preferences? People can say whatever they want. It’s how you deal with their input that colors how you feel about yourself, and ultimately, how you move forward. In the Kick-Ass Confidence program, we address how to deal with naysayers. Believe me, I’ve had my share of them! And, you’ll receive the special bonus eBook: Speak Up Confidently: The Words You’ve Always Wished for to Express Greater Confidence that will help you speak your mind.
How about if I have a question about the Kick-Ass Confidence program that’s not answered here? I’d love to answer it for you! Or address any of your concerns. Connect with me on the contact page.

I’m so excited to welcome you to the first offering of Kick-Ass Confidence

You can be part of a very special new program. This is not the first time I’m teaching a program on self-confidence. I’ve done this in-person at the community college and even the university level. This is the first time I’m doing this with people all over the world, using technology. We’ll meet via a blend of phone and the internet. If you choose to join the Kick-Ass Confidence program, I promise to give you the very best of what I have to share with about building confidence from the inside-out, so you feel confidence in your bones. You’ll discover the tools, processes, and perspectives that help you feel confidence with greater ease.

Your feedback will help me to refine the Kick-Ass Confidence program, especially since this is the first time that this program will be hosted via telephone gatherings (Wednesdays, from 6-7 pm Pacific, 9-10 pm Eastern). To thank you for all your participation, every participant will receive a free copy of the final version of the course, with updated audio and handouts that incorporate your feedback and ideas. Count on that by year-end (but probably earlier). Plus, as I make any updates to the Kick-Ass Confidence program, you’ll automatically receive those, for life!

Teleclass series

Teleclass + 2 discounted 1-1 coaching sessions
Use these 2 60-minute sessions anytime between now and November 30, 2011
$97 $447

Here’s what people are saying about creating Kick-Ass Confidence with Dr. Susan Bernstein

Irina Filipova: “Susan is a natural teacher, who has guided me masterfully through fears, insecurities, and hang-ups, and has helped me emerge into a stronger, happier self, confident about my abilities, and open to new opportunities and professional paths.”

Marie-Florence Tieu: “I’ve grown so much and am now flying with bigger wings and with true confidence thanks to Susan’s guidance, insightfulness, empathy, knowledge and expertise. Susan has a tremendous positive energy and a keen eye for asking the right questions, always coming up with techniques that unblock personal dilemmas.”

Angela Diaz: “Susan led a great program at the Young Women Social Entrepreneurs annual retreat teaching us how to navigate change with clarity, calm and confidence. Her approach was very well thought out and she really held an amazing space that allowed participants to experience & navigate uncertainty in the physical sense and then carry those insights into our personal and professional lives. She’s a dynamo!”

Carolyn Blum: “Susan is incredibly skilled and perceptive! She exhibits incredible empathy and has a multitude of tools at her disposal. For me, Susan creates an atmosphere of complete trust and support in which I can heal, grow, and build my inner confidence. She has helped me reconnect with my body and my own intuition. As a result of our work together, I am creating a more balanced professional life that is in line with my values and interests.”