When work is constantly chaotic and uncertain, the valuable people on your team run the risk of getting emotionally shut down, stuck, and even burned out. Dr. Susan Bernstein offers highly experiential, practical workshops for organizations to help your most important team players to deal with challenging changes more effectively. Even when external circumstances seem unlikely to change, your people can learn to internally respond to conditions with greater resilience, focus, and confidence. Helping your team members cultivate new skills to navigate change is core to the Work from Within mission to equip you to for a vibrant, positive future.

All workshops are custom-designed by Dr. Susan Bernstein based on an in-depth needs assessment and her original research on embodied intelligence.  If you are interested in a workshop for your organization, please get in touch with Dr. Bernstein.

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SmartSensing Your Way Through Change

Often, when we’re faced with change, we try to rationalize it, organize it, and control it. But all that thinking can lead to analysis paralysis. There’s a better way to navigate change, using your whole intelligence, from head to toe. SmartSensing offers an approach to listening to, trusting, and responding to the innate wisdom of the heart, gut, and the rest of your body. In times when you feel stuck, lost, blocked, or confused, SmartSensing can give you the power to stay calm, get clear, make better decisions, and remain confident, even in the face of significant shifts. Whether you’re dealing with an abrupt change in business conditions, a push to get to the next level of performance, or you are dealing with the stress of an unpleasant change, learning SmartSensing will give you access to new levels of fluidity, responsiveness, resilience and positive energy.

Strategies for Staying Positive & Motivated, No Matter the Market

The world economy seems to be on a rollercoaster, creating a ripple effect throughout companies and organizations. It seems like no one knows what the next day will bring. In such an environment, it’s easy to get side-tracked and fall into negativity and distress, which lowers your ability to get things done. This presentation gives you hands-on tools you can use to upgrade your attitude, build your sense of calm, and get clear, even in the midst of chaos.

Renewing Your Career

Even the most high-performing professionals get overwhelmed or burned out. While a vacation can be helpful, it doesn’t address the underlying issues that keep you from maximizing your potential. This workshop helps you look at the factors that are creating distress and presents ways to renew and restore your energy and excitement about work.

Making Sensational Decisions

The pace of change seems to be constantly increasing, making it more and more challenging to make good decisions under pressure. Learn the neuroscience behind how we decide. The way we process information may surprise you, as intellect alone does not promote optimal decision-making — in fact, it can lead to delays and disasters. Through experiential activities, discover how to enhance your ability to make more satisfying, beneficial decisions using the power of your embodied intelligence.

Stress Management Is in Your Hands

We all know that stress takes us away from achieving our most important goals and intentions. But in the face of uncertainty and anxiety, how can you avoid stress? Have fun learning the science behind stress and exploring your own innate capacity to reduce stress through simple body movements. Once you become aware of the ways stress impacts you and use the tools you have, literally in your hands, to deal with it, you’ll be more at ease and more productive.