IAmMoving225The time has come. The moment has arrived…

I’m moving.

Making the sensational shift…

I launched Work from Within in 2005. In that time, I’ve supported over 2500 people to make career changes. I’ve hosted an amazing career reinvention show on Hay House Radio. I’ve launched a bunch of products to make it easier for you to make a career transition. I’ve learned, I’ve grown. I’m so grateful for every person who’s crossed my path on the Work from Within journey.

I’ve been feeling the nudge for something new for nearly two years. I believe all of us feel the urge to grow, to change, to evolve, to be more of our best selves. For me, making that leap has been a big risk. I’ve limited my coaching clients (and revenue) for months so I could articulate a new vision, create a new website, and gear up to give you the best of myself.

Over the past two years, my heart and gut made it clear: I love supporting women who are emerging leaders. Being a “leader” doesn’t just mean moving up in the corporate world into the CEO spot. We can be business leaders, civic leaders, community leaders, wellness leaders, thought leaders, and many other kinds of leaders.

So I’m moving into my new leadership. In a new digital home. With a new mission. And I’d love you to come along!

Sensational Shift Logo purple-teal no tag

You’ll find me hanging out at The Sensational ShiftMy new mission is “to empower emerging women leaders to step into their most sensational selves –by getting them in touch with the innate wisdom of their sensations. ”

I believe being a leader…

  • Is first and foremost, about personal leadership — consciously becoming the cause of your life, rather than being at the effect of circumstances
  • Involves being inspired by a message, a cause, or a creation you yearn to share
  • Is about allowing yourself to be of service of that message, cause, or creation
  • Requires constant evolution and growth
  • Inspires you to constantly asks “what else can I do to make a difference?”
  • Invites you to support other people to realize their fullest potential as you share your message, cause, or creation
  • Is not the domain of the few — everyone can be a leader

So, am I only going to serve emerging women leaders?

With individuals? For now, yes. I adore men, yet my heart calls me to serve individual women, especially because I have a unique perspective on our superpower as women. With organizations? From my years in management consulting, I know that it’s much easier to create change when everyone is using the same perspectives and practices. So with companies, non-profits, and other enterprises, I will absolutely work with men. I’m especially looking forward to working with companies who believe what I do…

I believe our feminine sensitivity is an incredible strength, and not a weakness as some of us have been conditioned to believe. We women learn to hide our tears at work. We get told to “get a thicker skin,” and “don’t care so much.” But that goes against our nature.

I believe our feminine sensitivity — especially when we learn to harness the wisdom of our sensations — is the fuel we need to change the world in positive ways. I know that we women need to listen to our hearts, trust our guts, stand up for ourselves, and speak up on issues that matter.  I am convinced that to heal the world, to realize our full potential, we women need to awaken to the wisdom within ourselves. That wisdom is not just in intellectual smarts. It’s in our bodies, which fuel the changes we seek in our businesses, our communities, our well-being, our world.

If you’re a man, or relate to your masculine energy, I do want to you to get involved with The Sensational Shift. You can support women in their personal growth. You can learn about activating your innate intelligence to create positive transformation in your home, in your workplace, in your community, in the world. We need a balance of masculine and feminine energies working together, so over time, I intend to share more with men. For now, I’m afire to empower emerging women leaders.

If you want to be an authentic, inspiring, embodied woman leader — or you want to support that sisterhood of women leaders, I invite you to The Sensational Shift.

Please accept a moving gift

I have a gift for you when you visit the website:  Sign up for your free Sensational Shift Guide – you can do that right on the Sensational Shift home page.

Thanks for moving with me…let’s be movers and shakers, shall we?

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“Oh, what an idiot I am!”
“I’ll never figure this out!”
“I’m constantly messing things up…”

Is this any way to talk to yourself?

Of course not. But most of us “trash” ourselves, at least once in a while.

It’s unhealthy to talk trash about yourself (or anybody else). That negativity tends to close off your body, making you feel tight, closed off, heavy, weighed down, and lethargic. Not exactly the kind of inner sensations that will make you feel sensational.

So how do you turn around the negative self-talk?

In this video, I share five suggestions for transforming that trash talk you do to yourself, so you can loosen up, open up, feel lighter and more energized for action.

It’s Your Turn
How do you turn around the icky mind chatter?

Please share your tips for staying upbeat, below. In addition to reinforcing your own wisdom, you’ll be sparking others to stay in the positive, upbeat zone!

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Whether you’ve been following my path with Work from Within since the beginning, or whether your brand new to my coaching work, I want to let you know that big changes are afoot! If you care about the perspectives I’ve been sharing, I invite you to please look back with me for a moment, and then I’ll take you into my vision for the future, and share how it impacts you.

Where I’ve been…

As I reflect on where I’ve been, I launched Work from Within in 2005, while I was still working as an adjunct career advisor at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, helping students get clear about their career direction. From 2001 to 2005, that was my part-time job while I pursued a PhD in Somatic Psychology.

Work from Within logo

As an adjunct career advisor to a bunch of headstrong MBAs, I had so much demand for my innovative embodied way of helping students feel strong and confident about their futures that they’d constantly ask me, “Can I send my spouse to you? Can I send my friends to you?”

At the time, I didn’t have my own coaching practice. But when so many wise MBA students kept telling me, “Hang out your own shingle,” HayHouseOnlineCourseI answered the need by launching Work from Within. In the past eight years, I’ve been honored to support thousands of professionals in navigating to work thattruly fits them. I also feel fortunate to have hosted the Work from Within show on Hay House Radio, and to have created The Career Transformation Program that is still available through Hay House.

I’m proud of where I’ve been. And now, it’s time for my own transformation. I’m moving away from Work from Within, and launching a new coaching practice, with a much bigger vision.

What I’ve noticed…

While I care very deeply about helping people do work that really aligns with who they are and what they care about, underneath it all, I’ve continually been sensing that I have a bigger mission. I care deeply about waking people up to their innate, embodied wisdom – especially professionals, future leaders, and entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world.

In my experience, in our society, we don’t know how to find our way. When you’re faced with challenging personal decisions or periods of uncertainty, you can feel lost, confused, and blocked. To me, a huge reason for this agitation is unnecessary. You feel anxious about the future because you’re cut off from the innate intelligence of your body, the inner wisdom that can quickly and easily bring you back to balance, and can help you find your direction and chart your next steps.

A question for you…

Here’s a question for you:  When you have an important decision to make, which do you trust more – your mind or your body?

Many of us trust our minds much more than our bodies. In my professional life, I was told, subtly and overtly, that my intuition was illogical and devalued. I was praised for my quantitative skills. I even had a partner in the management consulting firm that I worked for tell me, “We didn’t hire you for your intuition. You need to focus on being pragmatic and rational.” So I started suppressing what I now know to be natural instincts and impulses.

Where I’m going…

sensationallifepurpleOver the past eight years, while I’ve been guiding professionals through career transitions, I noticed that while they came to me initially to find new, more satisfying work, they also wanted new, more satisfying lives. Sometimes they’d ask for help with relationships. Often, they wanted to know how to work more effectively with their colleagues. Very, very frequently, they wanted to learn how to express confidence in every dimension of their lives.

I realized that whenever I’ve helped anyone to craft a meaningful, deeply satisfying life, I’ve always pointed them inward. I’ve always helped them listen to the wisdom of the body.

And I realized I was constantly saying this:  If you want a sensational life, pay attention to your sensations.

Oooh, that feels juicy…and those words have given birth to something new…

Introducing The Sensational Shift

Sensational Shift Logo purple-teal One morning, a few months ago, I awakened with the words, “The Sensational Shift,” as my first thought of the day. I honestly have no idea where those words came from. I believe that I’m connected to the field of all possibilities, or what Deepak Chopra refers to as “non-local intelligence.”

I immediately felt energized, uplifted, and curious about “The Sensational Shift.” It’s a double-entendre, a play on words. “Sensational” can mean both “wonderful” and “having to do with bodily sensations.” I care deeply about helping people make shifts, transitions, transformations, or whatever you’d like to call “changes.”

I recognize that change can be scary. I find that making shifts becomes easier when you fuel those shifts with the power of your body’s wisdom. For example, your breath is a resource, so that if you tend to become anxious about changes, breathing more deeply and fully can relax you and allow your mind to open to new possibilities that are closed off when you are tense. Another example:  If you’re feeling down and dejected about your future, looking up and smiling for thirty seconds prompts your body to release uplifting hormones, so you can transform your mood rather quickly.

My intention with The Sensational Shift is to work with high achievers who want to make a positive impact in the world, and to empower them to be truly sensational. Unlike so many strategies, like “dressing for success, ” The Sensational Shift happens from the inside out.

The Two Phases of The Sensational Shift

Whether you’re creating change intentionally, or it’s been thrust upon you, it’s easy to become emotionally distraught when you’re life is shifting. The Sensational Shift is an approach to change that makes it all easier by using your body’s wisdom as the fuel for transformation. The first phase of The Sensational Shift is Neutralize. This is about feeling calm and centered, so that you can respond with fluidity and flexibility to whatever comes your way.

The second phase of The Sensational Shift is Energize. Instead of change being an abstract idea that you continually bounce around in your head, this phase invites you infuse your visions of the future with positive emotional energy. The emotions and energy that underlie your visions impact the results you achieve. You enhance the probability that you’ll achieve positive outcomes when you adopt simple, embodied practices that boost your upbeat, “can do” energy.

Want to learn how to make your own Sensational Shift?

I’d love to help you make the important shifts you’d like to make in your life, especially if you see yourself as a mover and shaker (or you’d like to be one) with an important mission or vision. So please join me for a f’ree teleclass:

Free Teleclass: Make Your Own Sensational Shift
Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Time: 12pm PST /1pm MT/ 2pm CST/ 3pm EST/ 8pm GMT
Register: Click here or visit http://www.workfromwithin.com/calendar/free-teleclass-make-your-own-sensational-shift/

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I’ve got an important question for you:

“Right now, are you really where you want to be in your life?”

If you answered “no,” how does your heart feel? disappointed

It probably hurts, right?
(I’m sorry…and I have some helpful guidance for you…)

Your heart is telling you something important. If your life doesn’t look the way you’d like, it’s time to make a shift.

It’s time to shift your sense of what’s happening.

Recently, I coached Barbara (not her real name, for privacy), a marketing manager at a Bay Area technology company who was very, very disappointed. After working long hours and sacrificing her social life, she was passed over for the prestigious promotion she’d been coveting.
Let’s look at how she made herself feel better, won the praise of her manager, and even created a new job for herself.

Phase 1: Neutralize the Negativity: Make a Sensational Shift

Barbara complained, “No one sees me at work. I work so hard, and I’m unappreciated. And it always seems to be like this in the jobs I take.

I asked Barbara if she really wanted to be feeling that way. She wailed back a big fat “NO.”

So this is what I asked Barbara to do…you can do it too, when you’re being hard on yourself, or feeling down or depressed:

(1) Feel the negativity. Notice how it feels in your body. Get in touch with the sensations that tell you that you feel negative, down, depressed, anxious, or anything that’s turning you away from good feelings. Simply and objectively notice you’re experiencing, moment to moment. Describe what you’re sensing in your body. You can do this aloud, or in your head.

You might say things like:  ”I feel a tightness in my chest. It’s about the size of an apple. It feels heavy. My breathing feels constricted.”

(2) Continue describing your sensations, nonjudgmentally, objectively, without a story or explanation. Do this until you feel a shift — relief, relaxation, a breakthrough or some insight.

At first, this may take 10 minutes or more. As you practice, you can experience a shift in a minute or less.

When Barbara did this, she calmed down, and felt more at ease about being passed over for promotion. She even said, “I don’t really love my job. And taking the job the next level up doesn’t feel good. I wish I was doing something else.” That was the big “aha” that helped us to craft something new in Phase 2.

Transforming your negativity allows you to respond to life with flexibility.

When you focus your attention on your sensations, you get present. That’s where your power is – in this “now” moment.  You move out of the alluring — but disempowering — practices of reminiscing about the past or becoming anxious about the future. You sensationally shift your inner state, so you can create something new in your outer state.

You open up powerful, positive new possibilities when you create your life from the sensationally aware state. When you access the sense of what your choices feel like in your body, you embody them. Those possibilities — like what job to take, where to live, who to love — become more  than mental ideas. When you embody an idea, and really sense it in your body, its energy moves you.

Phase 2: Energize a Positive Vision: Become More Sensational

Now that Barbara was less stressed about the missing out on the promotion, she wanted do get clear about her next steps.
At first, she shouted to me: “My management should give me a better job!”

Do you feel any excitement about what Barbara was demanding? Doubtful. That “should” energy is heavy, oppressive.

Here’s the thing: If an idea doesn’t feel good in your body, you’ll naturally resist it.

For Barbara, that meant resisting pursuing a better job.

Barbara and I played around with saying something more uplifting: “It will be so wonderful to do work that I can do with ease, and that wins me lots of praise.”

How does that phrase feel in your body?

Probably, you’ll feel an inner “heck yes!” So did Barbara.

Why? Because she was now embodying the intention to do work in a way that worked for her and her management.

When your body and mind are aligned in their purpose,  you pump up your probability of success.

From that intention, Barbara and I talked about the kinds of skills, talents, and abilities that came to her with ease. One of the most energizing skills for her was unraveling customer problems and working with internal teams to create solutions. Her company had grown fast, and they lacked a strong process for resolving customer dissatisfaction. We developed a business case for a new process, one that she was clearly the best person to manage. And now, by focusing on an intention that energized and uplifted her, Barbara is now happily heading up a great new project, in a whole new custom-crafted role.

Want to increase the likelihood that something positive will unfold for you? Here’s how to energize your vision.

(1) Make sure that when you imagine fulfilling each step, you get a positive feeling in your body, like a tingle or a warmth around your heart, before you take steps in the direction of your desires. Otherwise, reframe that step, so it does feel good to you.

You exponentially magnify your wisdom about your next steps when you focus inside yourself and listen to your body’s sensations — including breath, posture, gesture, movement, and notice how you’re feeling in any part of your body.

(2) If you some steps to your vision take real effort, the kind of task that might feel tough or overwhelming, do this: Instead of envisioning all the effort, imagine how you’ll feel you’ve completed the task. What feeling do you get in your body when you envision checking that step off your to-do list? Use that feeling as fuel.

(3) Do you get a happy, celebratory feeling? That’s usually it’s a good signal to move forward with the work. Otherwise, pause and listen inside for other guidance. Maybe you’ll tweak or totally transform the step you were planning.

I encourage you to make the sensational shift! Consciously pay attention to your sensations, both to neutralize strong feelings, and to energize your vision.

I’d love to hear how you use these two phases to become your bold, brilliant, and resilient self. And of course, I’m happy to talk with you about coaching you to be more sensational.

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Your life is a constant parade of decisions.

mychoicesDo you ever feel confused or overwhelmed by the choices you face?

If so, I’d like to help you make those choices with greater ease, so you can keep moving and marching and making a positive impact with your life.

Every day, you face choices like these:

• What do I feel like doing today?
• Which restaurant do I want to try?
• Who would make a good partner for me?
• Where would I ideally like to live?
• How do I want to tell my friend about my frustrations with our relationship?

Sometimes, the decisions along your parade route are light and easy. Other decisions are heavier and more difficult to make, especially when other people are involved. You agonize, weighing choices, sifting and sorting options. Perhaps you wish there was one super clear choice leading the way, but that’s usually not the case.

To sort things out, gathering information is wise. You can call up friends and reach out to experts for their guidance.

Yet ultimately, you alone choose. The decision rests on your shoulders. Whew!

Wouldn’t it be nice if choosing felt easier?

Let’s lighten up your decision-making process!

Here’s the key insight I want to share with you:

You make more sensational choices when you get in touch with your sensations.

Let’s get practical with a simple example of how your sensations can inform your choices.

Try This Experiment in Making Choices

Without any additional information, make this choice, quickly: Right now, you can eat either an apple or an orange. Which do you choose?
Go ahead. Choose now.

So, apple or orange for you?

How did you know which one you wanted?

Unless you have an allergic reaction to, or health issue with, either of these, you have a preference. How do you know the preference?

Maybe one tastes better to you. If that’s the case, what sensations do you feel in your mouth with each of those choices?

Maybe you prefer the texture of one fruit over the other. Notice how that texture feels in your body as you think about it.

Maybe your jaw feels solid as you imagine chomping into an apple. Or your tongue feels energized as you think of orange pulp moving around on your tongue.

Your sensations are constantly signaling you, telling you how you feel about choices. Your job is simply to tune in and notice your sensations more often. Really listen in to them.

When you face any choice, here are three simple sensations you can notice:

- Weight: Does the option make you feel heavy or light in your body? Where do you notice that heaviness or lightness most in your body? What is it trying to tell you?

- Breath: Does your breathing become deeper or shallower when you consider an option? How is your breath informing you? If it could speak, what would it say about the choice?

- Tension: Does the option make you feel looser or tighter? What does your body want you to know?

Of course, your body has other signals. Yet these three are a great starter set.

When the indicators from both your mind and body are similar (like a mental “yes” and a body sense of relaxation and ease), that’s usually when you’ll make the best choices. Conversely, when your mind and your body are giving you conflicting signals (like your mind says “it’s a good idea, but your body feels constricted and held back) , it’s best to wait for more clarity.

When there’s conflict between mind and body input, often the mind wants to do things “right.” Imagine that you want to do something outside the norms of your culture, like take a year-long self-directed sabbatical from work. Your mind may rebel and say, “That’s dangerous! What if you never get work again! Don’t do this!” But in your heart of hearts, you may feel pulled to go.

So How Do You Decide When Your Head & Heart Give You Different Messages?

When I’m coaching clients to make sensational shifts, I often ask them, “How would you feel to put your mind in the service of your heart, instead of the other way around?” Almost always, they say, “Oh, that just feels right! Yes, I’ll follow my heart and let my mind do the work of making my heart’s desires come to life.”

That wise guidance is echoed by Albert Einstein, who said:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

The sacred gift of intuition is awake in your sensations. You feel it in the instincts and impulses that nudge and guide you along your one-of-a-kind life path.

Remember, trust, and honor this gift within you. You will build the muscle for making sensational choices that lead you to a more sensational life.

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By August, my new website and business, The Sensational Shift, should be up and running (fingers crossed)!

As I move away from Work from Within and towards The Sensational Shift, lots of people have been asking me questions about how to make a meaningful career change. Hmm, that got me thinking…I have lots of great resources for people who want to reinvent their careers, and particularly those who care about doing work that truly fits.

summsersale2So I’m going to save you money on awesome career change products!

Before I close down Work from Within, I’ll offer you a last chance to save lots of money on the information-rich resources I’ve created for career changers, before I say goodbye to them.

From July 11 to July 18, July 25, 2013 (yep, I extended this!), I’m offering you 60% off of the following digital download products I’ve produced. Each of them includes my best wisdom I’ve gleaned over the past decade about how to navigate the road of career transitions.

How do you take 60% off?
Step 1: Visit the Work from Within store. Then, you’ll see all of the products, below.

Step 2: From the Store, click on “Add item(s) to cart” to add them to your shopping cart.

Step 3: When you’ve selected all of the products you want, in the Coupon Code field, enter the code SUMMERSALE (all caps) and then click “Apply Code,” and you’ll see 60% taken off your order. Remember, you DO have to click the “Apply Code” button for the discount to be given. Then, simply finish your order.

These are all digital downloads, so you’ll have the resources almost immediately — you’ll get the download links in your email. You can learning and planning right away!

workthatfits052411How to Create Work That Fits You: You’re tired of dreading work. You think you need to keep trying to “figure out” what you want to do next. But really, you’ve got the wisdom to get clear about the future much more easily when you “feel it out.” This 50-minute audio, transcript, and workbook will help you “trust your gut” and “follow your heart,” and gain clarity about the kind of work that fits you, uniquely.


How to Make a Meaningful Career Change: You’ve been considering moving into a new career, but uncertainty, doubt, and fear are holding you back. Relieve your anxiety by getting the “inside scoop” on what it takes to make a meaningful career change. Learn from six high-achieving professionals who crossed over from prestigious-looking, yet unfulfilling jobs to careers that are much more meaningful and soul-satisfying.

Job Seeker's Confidence KitThe Job Seeker’s Confidence Kit: You thought you were confident. But the job search process sometimes makes you fearful and doubtful, especially when it feels like your future is in someone else’s hands. Find your inner source of wisdom, confidence, and inspiration in this 70-minute audio program, with visualizations and exercises that will help you feel stronger and more positive about yourself as you look for work.

interviewingauthenticallyworkbook052411Interviewing Authentically Handbook: Usually, you’re great at making conversation. But interviews make you nervous, worrying whether you’ll make a good impression and get the job. The Interviewing Authentically workbook teaches you a seven-step interview preparation process that’s been successfully used with over 2,500 interview candidates. You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to make a real connection with interviewers, create a positive impact, and increase your chances to win the job. You get a 120-page PDF of the Interviewing Authentically workbook and an accompanying workbook with 24 interview preparation activities.

Future-ProofYourCareer-SmallFuture-Proof Your Career:  Prepare yourself for the future of work with this forward-looking audio program. Discover the trends you need to know to prosper in the new world of work. In this 90-minute thought-provoking experience, you’ll learn: The five major trends that will dictate your professional future. The three conflicts that will have tremendous impact on your work — and your family/personal life. Three ways to minimize family and personal conflicts in your working future. Four key strategies you to keep you future-proof. This digital download includes a 90-minute audio and accompanying handouts that teach you how to create the flexibility you need to navigate changes in your career.

Conversations that Create Kick-Ass ConfidenceConversations That Create Kick-Ass Confidence: When you’re lacking confidence, you need a double boost! One boost for knowing what to say to yourself to feel strong and confident. And another boost to know what to say to others, so you come across with poise and strength. Discover how to have conversations with yourself — and others — to build your confidence. This digital download includes an ebook and a bonus 50-minute recording and handout that teaches the BE BETTER process for embodying boosting your feelings of confidence in your body.

I know you’ll be thrilled to use these resources to make your career sensational!

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PS - In case you’re wondering, The Sensational Shift (link goes live in August) is an approach to change that makes it easier to grow and improve in any area of your life that you choose — work, family, relationship, money, life purpose, or changing anything else that matters to you. It’s really about relaxing your busy mind, trusting the wisdom of your body, an you tap into that body wisdom as a fuel to power the changes you seek.  If you’d like to know more about that before I launch, click on the Contact page and feel free to send along your questions. I’ll get back to you via email, and we can even set up a time to talk.

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Imagine you own a huge, custom-built mansion. C’mon…let’s just play for a minute…

mansion1Your mansion’s got everything you could want: if you want a bowling alley, it’s got one. Movie theater? Swimming pool? Sauna and steam room? Just play around and imagine the place.

For the purposes of this story, be sure your ultra special dwelling has at least one bedroom, one bathroom, a fully equipped and stocked kitchen, and a vast library.

Now, imagine this…

Despite all the rooms, you’ve created, you find yourself spending at least eight hours a day in the library. The fascinating books and magazines are all calling to you. And if you want to explore any topic, you’ve got a great computer and Internet access.

You get so engrossed in your library, reading and learning, that you have to remind yourself to eat. The hunger pangs finally hit and, with a book in hand, you run for the kitchen, open the fridge, and dish up a meal. You keep reading the compelling book while you eat. You gobble down your food, and hightail it back to an ultra-comfy couch in your library to absorb more of this story. Once in a while, you answer the urge to take a bathroom break. At the end of the day, you reluctantly set your current book on the night stand, and tuck your tired self into bed.

It’s easy to inhabit your body like a mansion, where the library – the thinking part – is the enormous centerpiece.

But are you visiting the rest of your body’s mansion? Are you in touch with what your body is signaling you, moment to moment?

It is all-too-easy to get caught in the mind, and forget the greatest wealth of your being: your precious sensations.

selfhgThere’s nothing inherently wrong with thinking. But just as some of the books in the library are fiction, so too are your thoughts. You don’t have to believe everything you think. Yet when your brain tells you things like “you will never measure up,” or “what an idiot you are,”  you need a way to catch and transform those thoughts before they turn into nasty mind storms, that leave you feeling down, depressed, and desolate.

You can catch yourself starting a mind storm by noticing your body’s sensational response — like feeling a constriction, a heaviness, or a sense of queasiness. To shift out of the negativity, you can continue to neutrally focus on your moment-to-moment body sensations. It’s like visiting some of the other rooms in your mansion to get a new perspective. Your sensations provide fresh, neutral information. Instead of focusing on the negative thoughts, you can shift your attention to the sensations that arise from those thoughts. And when you keep your focus on the present-moment sensations, you can stop thinking yourself in circles. You’ve simply got to get out of the library. In other words, move out the mind and all its mental chatter and move with curiosity and wonder into an exploration of your current sensations.

Sensations are your body’s non-verbal messengers, telling you how you’re feeling in every moment.

Sensations are your navigational indicators, helping you know which direction feels right, giving you a sense of what you need more of or less of in your life – like time with others, food, movement, stimulation, warmth, breath, quiet and so on.

The wealth of your own body mansion is not so much in the library, where all the thoughts are. It’s in the sensations, and their guiding wisdom. Your heartfelt longings. Your gut instincts. The things you know “in your bones.”

But are you paying attention to the sensations? Or are you overriding or ignoring them?

Imagine you’ve been sitting at a desk for hours, and you notice a tightness on your buttocks and upper legs. Maybe you tell yourself “Oh, my butt hurts! But I must absolutely finish this report. I’ll power through the pain.” If you ignore the sensations, you’re allowing your mind to call all the shots, and perhaps not too compassionately.

Or, do you stand up, stretch, walk around for five minutes, and come back to the task refreshed? Responding to your sensations in that way honors your body.

Your sensations are constantly signaling you.
Let’s check out what yours have to say right now.

TRY THIS:  Notice your breathing right now. Is it deep or shallow? Fast or slow? Tight or loose? What do the sensational signals tell you about yourself in this moment?

OR TRY THIS: Feel your belly area. Is it warm or cold? Is it hard or soft? Tight or loose? Put a hand on your belly area and tune into the sensations. What is your belly telling you right now?

When you make it a practice to listen to your body, you literally get in touch with yourself. You sense what you want and find your way, step  by step.

This exquisite mansion that you live in —  your wise body — is a truly smart home for your being.

TRY THIS: Visit all the “rooms.” Venture out of the headspace, that inner mental library, and visit a body part…let’s say once an hour. Check in with a body part. Say a mental “hello” and ask “what do you want me to know?” You’ll discover you have a wealth of wisdom within you.

You’re sensational. Always.

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